VOLUME 42 • NUMBER 25 • June 20, 2024

Blessed Michael McGivney loved baseball, playing it in seminary and later organizing games for his parishioners in New Haven and Thomaston, Connecticut. Through the years, many professional ballplayers have joined the Knights, drawn in part to the unity and fraternity that are also a key component of America’s pastime. Learn more in this week’s Knightline about Knights today who, like Father McGivney, are finding ways to connect their passion for the sport with their love of God and neighbor.

Washington Nationals right-hander Trevor Williams, is pictured at Nats spring training. (Spirit Juice Studios)

Standing for Truth

MLB pitcher and Knight of Columbus Trevor Williams explains why he decided to speak out boldly last year against the Los Angeles Dodgers’ decision to honor a group that mocks the Catholic faith. “I have an immense responsibility as a Catholic athlete,” he said. “If … I don’t say anything, to me that is a scandal.”

Read more about Williams’ faith, family and charity work — and his favorite-ever baseball moments — in this 2022 interview with Columbia.

Fatherhood Up to Bat

In his new book Batter Up: Answering God’s Call of Faith and Fatherhood, author and Knight Jimmy Walters uses baseball to explore the vocation of fatherhood, drawing on his personal love for the sport, as well as his own struggles, sufferings and successes as a father.


Photos by Matt Greenslade, Spirit Juice Studios and Matt Furman

In the Big Inning

Three priests, each of them Knights, describe their journey from baseball-loving boyhood to the chaplaincy of major league ball clubs, where they strive to bring God’s grace to the players, coaches and staff members they serve.

‘My Wheelchair Is My Legs’

In collaboration with the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation, Knights of Columbus in Ukraine have provided wheelchairs for more than 300 civilians and veterans, including Mykola V’yuk, a 41-year-old father who lost both his legs to shrapnel injuries.

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