Holy Hour
Holy Hour

A Higher Purpose

Change the lives of people with disabilities worldwide. Councils are encouraged to donate at least $150 for a wheelchair. Through partnerships, councils can also purchase a large container of 110 to 280 wheelchairs for their own donation sites. A featured program, Global Wheelchair Mission counts for two credits toward the Columbian Award.


Since 2009, the Knights of Columbus has partnered with the American Wheelchair Mission and Canadian Wheelchair Foundation, which fall under the umbrella of the Global Wheelchair Mission. The goal of this initiative is to provide aid to those who lack the freedom of mobility in our communities and around the world. Whether councils are presenting wheelchairs to local veterans and neighbors in need or donating funds to benefit those abroad, mobility brings with it independence and dignity.
Obtained at deeply discounted prices, these wheelchairs change the lives of their recipients. Working with the Global Wheelchair Mission is a perfect opportunity to put your faith into action and involve the entire community in the rewarding charitable work done by your council.

Featured Program Requirements

Councils are required to purchase a large container of 110 to 280 wheelchairs for their own donation site, by raising funds through council, parish or community activities. Report activity using the Global Wheelchair Mission Report Form (#10071).

* Information provided by the Supreme Council

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